Beet Detox Juice

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Beetroot Juice, Natural & Organic with a fusion of Natural Organic Blends.

Beetroot "Beet it" Energy Juice is a refreshing drink enriched with a fusion of freshly pressed juices from natural organic Ginger, Turmeric, Celery, Green Apple and Cucumber, with a dash of peppercorn for that special zing. This delicious juice is energy driven and packed with nutrients and vitamins to help energize and give you that richness of a "beat it" spirit.

My exquisite refreshing and delicious "Beet it" energy juice is what you need to keep you revitalized, build stamina and boost physical performance. Start your day right.

Beetroot "Beet it" is all natural Organic fresh fruits and vegetables. No preservative, No additive, No chemical.

Sweet and earthy beets are packed with many surprising health benefits.

Some of which include
1. Conquers heart & kidney disease
2. Controls blood pressure
3. Beneficial for bones and osteoporosis
4. Rich in fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, iron and vitamin B folate
5. Anti cancer diet
6. Enhances wound healing
7. Lowers Cholesterol
8. Cleanses blood vessels
9. Anti aging & detoxifying
10. Improves immunity

11. Detox Liver to better improve acne issues.
Beet Root Juice is sold in 8oz  bottles. It can be consumed directly as is or in a smoothie, salad or drink of choice.

Also available as meal plan or pre workout to after workout : 7 bottles

with chia seeds.

**Discontinue use if there’s any allergic reaction**


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