Black Drawing Salve

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Black drawing salves were used since ancient times, especially by the Amish community to draw out splinters, boils, pieces of glass, etc. This ointment contains a mixture herbs, oils, wax and  activated charcoal, which are both known to draw out toxins and other foreign material stuck in the skin.

The drawing salve works in a way that when you apply it on the affected area, it softens the skin by weakening it, then increases blood circulation to the area which causes pus to form around the splinter/boil, etc.

infuse olive oil with comfrey (anti-inflammatory), plantain ( antibacterial and anti-inflammatory) and calendula petals ( speeds up healing by promoting collagen production).  beeswax, pine tar, vitamin E, tea tree, raw honey, activated charcoal and bentonite clay.

The salve is messy and it may turn your skin black, stain fabrics, and but well worth it.

Directions for use: smear the salve on a cut, splinter, boil, or acne and cover with a bandage. Change bandage and reapply twice daily for best results.

Comes in 4 oz jars.

As you apply the drawing salve consistently, the foreign object and pus are naturally drawn out of the skin, hence the name.