Lymphatic Breast Butter

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Breastfeeding can create a beautiful bond and attachment between you and your baby like nothing else in the world can. Breastfeeding can be bliss or something else entirely. Cracked sore nipples are no joke! They hurt and you need them to get better fast.

My nipple balm will leave your nipples feeling smooth and free of cracks and dryness. Protect your breastfeeding baby by trying our all-natural nipple cream. This can be used to prevent dry nipples and cracks or help aide in curing them. It is all natural and is safe for your baby. It's nice knowing what you are putting on your own skin that will come in contact with your baby's mouth. As well as knowing that it is safe and natural. My boobie balm is full of natural butters and essential oils. Just put a small amount on your nipples. All of Nipple Balms ingredients are safe for ingestion so it does not need to be washed off prior to nursing. Apply as often as needed, especially after each feeding.

Give us a try and I am sure you will love it! New moms love it!

Ingredients include:
Organic Unrefined Mango Butter
Raspberry Seed Oil
Organic Coconut Oil

Copaiba Oil
Lavender Oil
Frankincense Oil

Features include:
100% pure essential oils
No Water or Fillers added
100% natural raw butters and oils
No phthalates, formaldehydes, or parabens
Clear plastic container with clear lid
Nipple Balm is labeled with the product name and amount in ounces.

This balm is great not only for dry cracked nipples but dry spots on your skin. Especially in the colder months when our skin tends to become dry. You will feel comfortable knowing that the ingredients in this boobie balm are safe and natural.The oils in this butter tend to melt in hot temperatures.

Please keep an eye on your tracking number so that it is not sitting in a hot mailbox during summer months. If for some reason it does melt just stick it in the freezer for a few minutes until it starts to harden back up.

These make great gifts also! New moms love it!