Charge Me Up Chakra Oil!

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We all could use a little balancing once in a while. These 10 ml roller balls are juiced up with reiki energy on my healing altar.

Use your chakra oils during meditation, before going to bed, or anytime you feel you are out of balance. All roller balls have a carrier oil of either sunflower oil or coconut oil. Please message me if you have a request or question!

Crown: clear quartz, frankincense and lavender;
Insightful, Balanced Spiritual Life, Sense of Purpose

Third Eye: Amethyst, Frankincense, Rosemary
Intuitive, Common Sense, Intelligent

Throat: Sodalite, Cedar, Mint
Communication, Honesty, Listening

Heart: Prehnite and Rose Quartz Rose, Jasmine, Lavender,
Compassionate, Joyful, Giving, Self-Love, Unconditional Love

Solar Plexus: Citrine, Pine, Lemongrass
Joy, Take Action, High Self Worth, Emotional Flexibility

Sacral: Carnelian, Sandalwood, Neroli
Smooth Creative flow, Healthy Sexual Desire, Fertility

Root: Hematite, Patchouli, Frankincense
Grounded, Safe, Secure, Content