Eczema Care

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This product was made for my then 8 old daughter who is now teenager. She was diagnosed with eczema at the age of 4 and she suffered really bad. After trying different creams and prescription steroid cream, I had enough! So I did my own research, work with her pediatrician (who's also an herbalist) and made my own product that worked for her and also my husband as well. It left their skin hydrated and moisturize and most of all her skin was clear with consistent use and it soothe the itching. 😊 

Combo Items include:
1oz Scalp Oil
6oz Oat Meal Body Wash
2.5oz Oatmeal & Goat Milk Soap
2oz Cream  
Active Ingredients: Shea Butter

Items can be customized if you have any allergies.

Recommended for ages 2 year and Up

Disclaimer: Please check with your doctor to make sure your not allergic to any tree nut such as shea butter. If you’re taking any other medication for eczema, contact me first before purchasing.

Apply Cream 2 times a day
Use Body wash & soap as desired

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