Eczema Oil “On The Go”

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Thyme is one of the gentlest herbs out there for skin health. Its healing ranges from soothing skin injuries, promoting cell repair, keeping infections at bay, aiding diaper rashes, eczema flare ups, bruises, and minor burns, and the list certainly goes on. I created this oil for personal use for my daughter. It’s skin soothing abilities and couldn't just keep its beautiful flower medicine all to myself. It's our homegrown and very well-loved Flowers from our garden, steeped in Organic Sunflower Oil for 1-2 moon cycles.

Use this Oil for gentle skin moisturizing, to relieve insect bites/inflammation, or on any minor skin irritations for gentle and quick healing. If applying to the face, which is what I love to do, use this Oil to boost glow and blood flow, providing protection from aging and providing vitality.

Calendula will also soothe out uneven skin tones. You cannot go wrong with this Oil, it's a wonderful remedy to have on hand from general daily use for beauty/skin, to a remedy to grab when skin irritations happen.
Aside from the healing benefits of Calendula, these flowers are steeped in the very gentle and equally healing Sunflower Oil.

Sunflower Oil is light on the skin with little to no scent and provides supreme nourishment.
Finished Oil comes in a 1oz. glass dropper bottle, adorned with fresh Calendula Flowers.