Happy Belly Detox

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Please let me know it you’re a diabetic.


Belly fat is the most troublesome fat and a great deal of hard work is required to get rid of it. People pay a lot of attention to belly fat because it can lead to cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, diabetes and even cancer. To get rid of it, you need to engage in rigorous exercise and eat food which is low in calories and fat, like cucumber. With its 95% content of water and fiber, cucumber can help in releasing toxins from the body and boosting metabolism.

It helps in getting rid of conditions like bloating, water retention and constipation. It has no fat content and is rich in Vitamin A, K and C.

Happy Belly Detox Juice is sold in 8oz  bottles. It can be consumed directly as is or in a smoothie, salad or drink of choice.

Also available as meal plan or pre workout to after workout : 7 bottles with chia seeds.

**Discontinue use if there’s any allergic reaction**