Sacral Chakra Healing Candle

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Light this soy candle infused with carnelian, sweet orange and cinnamon to boost the power of your Sacral Chakra. Feeling uninspired or lacking passion?

This candle is for you! Your Sacral Chakra controls your emotions, sensuality, and creativity. The Sacral Chakra is associated with the womb, genitals, kidneys, and bladder. Allow the citrusy scent of orange and vanilla to ignite your inner passion and get to it! You can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Allow this candle to be a reminder of the infinite inner power you possess. Made to order, so every single candle is beautifully unique!

No two candles will ever look exactly the same! Every crystal and flower is a product of Mother Nature and they're all unique. Our crystal candles utilize only the most beautifully unique crystals and flowers to ensure that your crystal candle is infused with as much magic, love, and light as possible!