Small Business Organizer

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I created this booklet to help myself stay organized with my business and of course find my balance with my family life! I totally understand how important it is to stay focus and sane! Inside the Small Business Booklet you find:

 successfully track your home based business. Pages for tracking income, sales, expenses, inventory, contacts, supplies, advertising, planning and more. Pages to help your be successful in tracking information about your home-based or small business. 


Designed to be printed on letter size paper (8.5 by 11 inch) and filled in using pen or pencil

Packet includes 30 pages that can help organize and track your small business


● WEEKLY PLANNER PAGE - Use this page to plan everything you are doing for your business each week - sections for “To Do”,”To Make”, “Supplies To Buy”, “To Remember” and a daily breakdown for the week.

● IDEAS / BRAINSTORMING - Brainstorm the future of your business. Use this page to brainstorm product ideas, advertising/social media ideas, and anything other ideas to help your business.

● CUSTOM ORDER NOTES - a page to keep all of the information you need to create a custom order

● MONTHLY SALES LOG - - track your monthly sales income - as you make a sale track - date, order #, item, price, shipping, and total price

● RETURNS - keep track of your refunds for the month

● MONTHLY EXPENSES - track all of your business spending for the month

● MONTHLY TOTALS - use this page to pull together all your numbers for the month

● INCOME TAX TRACKER - ask your tax person what percentage to set aside for income tax each month and use this sheet to track it.

● CONTACTS - Keep track of your business contacts
Suppliers - Keep track of your suppliers and their contact info so you are ready when it’s time to reorder

● SUPPLIERS - track where you buy supplies and what you buy from which companies

● SUPPLIES INVENTORY - use this page to track your supply inventory - keep track of what you have and where you keep it.

● PRODUCT INVENTORY - keep an up to date record of the products you have on hand

● AD TRACKING - keep track of the ads that you are running

● COUPON CODES - keep track of any coupons/coupon codes you have put out

● SOCIAL MEDIA TRACKER - use this reusable monthly calendar to track your social media promotions to be sure you are using social media to help your business

● BONUS EDITABLE COVER SHEET - Add your business name and use this page as a notebook cover sheet and/or add section names to use as section divider pages.

NOTE: ONLY THE COVER SHEET IS EDITABLE The rest of the packet is designed to be printed and filled in using pen or pencil.

★ This is an Instant Download, for you to print at home at your convenience.

- Sized for Letter paper (8.5" x 11").
- Margins for hole-punching on each side, so you can store these in a binder.

Print at "Actual Size" and High Quality, for best results. 

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