Soap Making Kit

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COMPLETE STARTER SET- A complete DIY kit created with care and including silicone mold, soap beveler planer wood box, soap base, bubble net, measuring cup, stainless steel wavy & straight, soap packaging, silicone spatulas, pipette, mix bar, stainless steel whisk, disposable plastic gloves and face masks, safety goggles, thermometer. PREMIUM QUALITY- We want your soap to look, or smell like those expensive high-end shop soap. That's why we source only top-quality material, sturdy tools that are easy to use.

EASY TO MAKE- This DIY kit is simple to use, whether you are a beginner or a pro, very beginner-friendly. Ingredients: Olive oil: 230g , Coconut oil: 70g , Palm oil: 70g , Sweet apricot: 45g, Sesame oil: 45g NaOH: 65