Toning Oil

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Toning Oil

First let’s start by talking about what the heck cellulite actually is. Cellulite is fat under the surface of the skin that pushes up on the connective tissue giving your skin a lumpy appearance. I believe toxin build up contributes to cellulite.

Cellulite is not limited to people that are overweight. It happens to almost every woman and some men. It is caused by a poor diet, dehydration, water retention, poor circulation and even genetics.

This detoxifying blend of essential oils promotes a healthy lymphatic system and tones and firm skin. Rosemary and peppermint combine a diuretic effect with stimulating and decongesting properties, while lemon, stimulates the lymphatic system.

Mandarin Oil also diuretic action, and when massaged into the skin can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. This dynamic, tonic group of essential oils can help tackle areas of stubborn cellulite.

Made with all natural ingredients:

Active Ingredients: Wheat Germ & Vitamin E

Apply at night

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